Brazil and Argentina Trade Mission 2017

Mission Costs

Mission Costs Paid to Conference of Great Lakes Governors & St. Lawrence Governors and Premiers

Mission Participation Fee (per person): $1,350 ($400 USD each additional participant)

Includes group ground transport, networking events, briefing and logistical assistance. Travel, individual transportation, interpreters, hotel and meals not included.

Brief Market Research and Appointment Setting Fee*

Brazil $2,500 USD
Argentina $2,300 USD

$0 Companies located in Michigan (approx. $4,800 worth of business services)


Grant funding is available in many States and Provinces to cover a portion of the mission participation fees and travel costs. Please contact your state recruiter for more information.

Cancellation Policy: If for any reason a mission participant cancels their participation, the mission participation fee is non-refundable. If the participant decides to travel at a future date, appointment setting services will be provided by the Conference's Trade Offices at no extra charge assuming the trip takes place within three months of the original mission date.

Please make checks payable to:

Council of Great Lakes Governors
Attn: Zoë Munro
20 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 2700
Chicago, Illinois 60606


Costs Paid Directly by Participants

(All costs below are estimated and will depend on exchange rate at the time of the mission)

International Airline Ticket

US/Canada-São Paulo-Buenos Aires-US/Canada

$2,300 USD Approx.


Each participant will make their own flight arrangements to travel both to/from and South America. Due to logistical complications, the Conference cannot obtain a discounted rate. Recommendations for the “Group” internal flights will be available soon.



São Paulo: $210 USD Approx. per night

Buenos Aires: $265 USD Approx. per night 

(6 nights)


$1,425 USD Approx. 


The Conference will reserve a block of discounted rooms at hotels in São Paulo and Buenos Aires. More information coming soon.

Transportation to Meetings




Fee combined with driver and interpreter (see below)

Taxi/Driver (to-from meetings):

$28 USD Approx.

Bus (airport-hotel round trip) based per person or for approx 15-20:

$61 USD Approx.


Brazil (driver and interpreter combined)

$500 USD per day if paying by cash in country

Total $1,000 USD Approx.


$500 USD per day + $30 USD wire fee if wiring the payment through the US

Total $1,030 USD Approx.


$500 USD per day + 21% tax if wiring the payment through corporate account in Brazil 

Total $1,210 USD Approx.




Interpreter(full day):

$262 USD Approx.


Interpreter (half-day):

$180 USD Approx.