Brazil and Argentina Trade Mission 2017

Travel Arrangements


The Conference will assist you in making hotel reservations for the mission. Further information will be provided.


Mission participants will need to secure their own flight arrangements for the mission. Due to logistical complications, the Conference cannot obtain a discounted group rate. Participants should book flights through a travel agent or by booking on the web. Mission participants will be given recommended arrival and departure times.


A visa is needed to enter Brazil. Further information can be found here.

Ground Transportation:

Information on ground transportation can be found here.

Travel to Business Appointments:

Information on travel to business appointments can be found here.


Visa Requirements

Participants will need to apply for a Brazil business visa to enter Brazil.

Each State in the United States is serviced by a specific Brazilian Consulate. Each Consulate has different rules and regulations for processing visa applications.




Travel to Business Appointments

Each participant will receive instructions on the location of individual business appointments, the distance to those appointments from the hotel and the best mode of transport to travel to the appointment.  Cost of travel to the meetings will be the responsibility of the individual participant.