100% Fish Iceland Trade Mission
September 16-20, 2024

Build New Partnerships

Please join the Conference of Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers (GSGP) 100% fish trade mission to Iceland from September 16-20, 2024. Each mission participant will receive a schedule of B2B meetings with companies and organizations involved in the Icelandic 100% fish sector and participate in the Fish Waste for Profit—100% Fish conference. Mission participants will also benefit from networking events and logistical support provided by GSGP.

Why Iceland?

Iceland pioneered the 100% fish idea with the Icelandic cod. Sixty percent of the fish was once discarded. Today, more than 90% of the cod is being used. The value of the products made from each fish has increased from US$12 to over US$5,000. Iceland is now home to a robust community of entrepreneurs, equipment manufacturers and NGOs that are world leaders in developing and implementing 100% fish strategies.

The Fish Waste for Profit—100% Fish conference provides attendees with knowledge on how to maximize their return on investment from potentially discarded parts of the catch that can be turned into high value products for non-food sectors. The conference is expected to attract delegates from more than a dozen countries, with about 90% of the delegates attending from outside of Iceland. This is an ideal opportunity to connect and network with companies that can support deployment of 100% fish strategies in the Great Lakes St. Lawrence region.

Registration Deadline

July 15, 2024

A downloadable flyer is available HERE.

Registration Form

Please note that mission participants must be participating on behalf of organizations located in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Region of North America.