In recent months, the world has seen unprecedented developments related to COVID-19.  While COVID-19 puts our work in a different perspective, it also underscores the importance of ensuring basic needs are met.  GSGP Chair and Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers provides an update.

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Newsletter Available

The Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers are pleased to announce that the April 2021 edition of the Compass newsletter is now available.

Articles in this issue of The Compass:

* A Messa…

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Grow your Exports to South America, Mexico, South Korea and Japan

GSGP is accepting applications for three upcoming trade missions. Grant funding is available in many member States to offset from 50-75% of participation costs.

Mexico Virtual Trade Mission
June 21-Ju…

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Building Trade Between Western Europe and the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Region webinar - January 21

On January 21, GSGP hosted a webinar on strategies to grow maritime trade between Western Europe and the Great Lakes St. Lawrence region, with a focus on the strategic partnership between GSGP and the…

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