Great Lakes Governors Call for Continued Support of GLRI

The Council of Great Lakes Governors recently called on Congress to appropriate at least $450 million in support of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) for Fiscal Year 2025 as well as reauthorize the GLRI beyond FY 2026.

The Great Lakes Governors have provided an important leadership role on Great Lakes restoration and protection. In 2003, the Great Lakes Governors came together to identify nine priorities for Great Lakes restoration and protection, which served as the organizing principle of the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration Strategy for restoring and protecting the Great Lakes. The Strategy in turn served as the impetus for the GLRI which each of the Great Lakes States have used to advance these priorities. Together, the Great Lakes States have made significant progress through the GLRI. It is only with sustained, consistent funding that our region can build on past achievements and ensure the long-term success of protecting and restoring the Great Lakes.

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